Get Your Free Term Insurance Quote

Get Your Free Term Insurance Quote

Why Do I Need Term Life Insurance?

If you were no longer here to contribute financially, how would your family pay for necessities? Consider the costs of everyday essentials such as:

  • Mortgage or rent
  • Food and clothing
  • Utilities
  • Health insurance

That's where term life insurance comes in.

For about the same cost as your monthly digital streaming service or cell phone bill, you can help protect your family's financial future.

Term life insurance may be right for you if you're on a limited budget, have temporary needs or want coverage that's not dependent on your employer.

Generally, term life insurance is:

  • Affordable – Simple death benefit coverage to provide for your family should the need arise.
  • Portable – Coverage that goes with you anywhere, regardless of employment.
  • Convertible – Potential cash value and future flexibility to meet changing needs.1

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