Tax Reform & Your Finances

The new tax law: what it means for you

New tax laws can have implications on your finances for years to come – not just when it comes time to file. These changes may mean you need to revisit some aspects of your strategy, including:

  • Retirement savings, like whether you're better off contributing to a traditional IRA or Roth IRA.
  • College planning, such as new rules for 529 plans.
  • Charitable giving, particularly with shifts in claiming itemized deductions.

When it comes to sorting through and understanding your options in light of the new tax law, it's important to talk with someone who understands you.

That's where Thrivent Financial representatives can help. While they can't provide tax advice, they can offer personalized financial guidance along the way.

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Thrivent Financial representatives are here to help you navigate this complex topic. They can:

  • Partner with you and your tax professional to help provide a well-rounded understanding of what the tax changes may mean for you.
  • Show you a side-by-side comparison of your 2017 tax outcomes and your 2018 tax estimates using an interactive What-If Tax Calculator.
  • Help ensure your plans align with your values so you can meet your goals.

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