Your Legacy. Their Future.

Make Strategic Moves to Pass Down All You Can

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Want to leave as much as possible to the people and organizations you love?

Consider this: Maximizing your legacy will not happen by chance. It will take wise planning.

Identify How You'll Leave What You Have

Mapping out your strategy with a professional who understands your goals is key. Here's why: A wisely crafted action plan can help you transfer your assets in a tax efficient manner. This allows your beneficiaries to receive more of what you pass down.

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The right moves can help alleviate confusion for your beneficiaries, complex legal situations and unexpected tax consequences.

Define your strategy

Examine Your Game Plan

It's important to look at your strategy from multiple angles. Take time to know your options and understand the tax implications of each scenario. You may want to explore:

  • Leaving your assets directly to your beneficiaries.
  • Transferring resources to your favorite charitable organizations.
  • Using required minimum distributions to fund an income tax-free life insurance benefit for your heirs.

Put Your Plan In Play

It's your move. Partner with an experienced Thrivent Financial professional who can help you determine the most efficient way to pass down all you can.1

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