We wear generosity on our sleeve

Why does a financial services organization have a T-shirt that says Live Generously?

The short answer is: We're different.

Our members believe in making a difference. And we believe in empowering them to be generous. Because the more people we inspire, the greater good we can do and the bigger impact we can make – together.

More than just a shirt, Live Generously represents our members' desire to give back – and to encourage others to as well!

Members and others in the community earn a Live Generously T-shirt by leading or participating in fun and unique Thrivent volunteer projects. When you see a Live Generously T-shirt, we hope you are reminded of the impact we make when we all give back together.

Be a part of the generosity movement

When you join our community, you'll receive tips and tools to amplify your impact, guidance on how to be wise with money, as well as inspiration to put your generosity into action!

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"I believe our purpose for being here on earth is to make the world a better place, and to do that we have to pitch in."