Life Insurance: Protection with possibilities

The fear of the unknown – especially when it comes to your finances, family and future – is daunting. Life insurance can help give you a sense of security.

From term to whole life and everything in between, life insurance is a wise and caring way to help fulfill your promises.

Learn about different types of coverage and make your plan to start living life with less worry.

You can live your life with less worry

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Why life insurance?

Life insurance plays an important role in helping you on your journey to financial security.1 Plus, it can fulfill your promises to the people who rely on you financially and emotionally.

Reasons to have it can vary, from covering burial costs and transferring wealth, to supplementing retirement income and helping replace lost wages – just to name a few.

More people protect their things with insurance than protect their loved ones with life insurance.2

79% of people insure their cars

55% of people insure their loved ones with life insurance

67% of people insure their homes

54% of Americans would struggle financially if breadwinner died

More than half of all Americans would have trouble paying living expenses immediately or within several months if the primary wage earner died.2

8 in 10 Americans say family is the most important to them, but only 55% have life insurance to protect them.3

Family is most important to people, but only 55% have life insurance
2 of 3 adults think life insurance is too expensive

2 out of 3 adults think life insurance is too expensive, but most overestimate its true cost by more than 3 times.3

Types of life insurance

With so many types of life insurance – like term, whole and universal – how do you know which is right for you? Most importantly, it comes down to your values, needs and financial goals.

The key is to understand how the different types may meet your needs.

Graphic representation of term life insurance

Term insurance4

  • Coverage for a limited time (10, 15, 20 or 30 years).
  • Lower premium; death benefit only.
  • Protect future insurability with conversion to permanent.

Graphic representation of whole life insurance

Permanent (whole & universal) insurance4

  • Lifetime coverage.
  • Source of funds for retirement, education and other opportunities.
  • Access to cash value.

Graphic representation of term to perm conversion

Converting term to permanent4

  • Opportunity to upgrade your insurance to meet changing needs.
  • No new underwriting or health check if face value not changing.

Start protecting what matters

Life happens. Things change. So do your goals and needs. Life insurance has affordable options to support your overall financial strategy.

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