Wise Financial Decisions Can Impact the Taxes You Pay

We all must pay our fair share of taxes. But did you know you have options for how you do that?

When you structure your financial strategy in the right way, you have the ability to influence how much tax you pay and when you pay it.

The result: Your assets are more likely to stretch further – and go to the people and places you want.

Your Choices Help Determine Your Taxes. Find Out How.

Understanding how your financial strategy impacts your taxes can help you prepare for the future. We'll guide you through Thrivent's What-If Tax Calculator and help you determine your next steps.

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Test Your Tax Knowledge

The choices you make now about how to structure your financial strategy can impact how much influence you can have on your taxes in the future. See how much you know about this important topic.

Discover Your Options

Want to explore more? The What-If Tax Calculator can help you see how adjustments to your financial strategy could affect your taxes – and provide valuable insight for your strategy decisions going forward.