What is your Enough?

We are all in different places on our journey to enough. Regardless of where you're at, we think it's wise to ponder the question: What is your enough?

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Choose from: Providing for my family, saving for retirement, giving to causes I care about or being content with what I have.

What's Your Financial Attitude?

Managing our personal finances evokes different feelings in each one of us. Take this 11-question quiz to determine your money attitude and receive suggestions for wherever you're at on your financial journey.


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  1. I find monitoring my bank account or credit card accounts very boring.

  2. I prefer not to think about the state of my personal finances.

  3. Thinking about the state of my personal finances makes me feel guilty or anxious.

  4. I get confused by financial jargon in the newspapers and on television.

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  1. I pay off my credit card bill in full each month.

  2. When I receive a bank or credit card statement, I:

  3. If given a choice, I'd prefer to do this:

  4. I feel apprehensive when dealing with my personal finances.

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  1. I pay my bills when I have the money, not always when they are due.

  2. I know my credit score.

  3. When faced with the prospect of dealing with my personal finances, the movie title "Nightmare on Elm Street" describes how I feel.