Be part of building on faith 2018

Make your community more amazing

Building on Faith is a fun and meaningful opportunity to make a real impact on local needs by participating in a construction or non-construction activity in your community.

Activities are scheduled Sept. 16 to Oct. 14. And you’re invited to join us to make a difference!

Habitat for Humanity
partner to make an impact

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Come together with other Thrivent members, Christians and like-hearted volunteers for a Thrivent Member Network event to:

  • Strengthen communities across the Northeast, Mid-America and Great Lakes regions through the unique Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent partnership.
  • Celebrate the Thrivent members who make the partnership possible.
  • Participate in community improvement projects that give everyone a chance to make their corner of the world more amazing.

Sign up now

Start by selecting the name of your Thrivent Member Network region. From there, you’ll be able to choose a local Habitat office, see the volunteer activities planned in your community – and sign up in minutes!

Building on Faith 2018 is supported by the Thrivent Member Network Northeast, Mid-America and Great Lakes regions. These regional groups bring people together to do good in their churches, communities and beyond. The Thrivent Member Network connects you to special member programs and resources that can help you live generously. As a Thrivent member, you also have other unique opportunities to give of yourself.