You've got the power!

Help make your community more amazing

Building on Faith is Sept. 16 to Oct. 14! It's an amazing opportunity to make a real impact on local community needs by participating in a construction – or non–construction – activity.

It's easy to do:

  • Select a Habitat for Humanity office location near you.
  • Check out the activities planned in your area during Building on Faith 2018, Sept. 16 to Oct. 14 (Habitat Sunday to Clergy Appreciation Day).
  • Sign up for an activity and get ready to make your corner of the world even better.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be part of something bigger than yourself. Something that has the power to lift people up. Change lives. And make your community more amazing!

Thrivent Member Network – Great Lakes Region

Find a Habitat office and activity near you:

Building on Faith is supported by the Thrivent Member Network – Great Lakes Region. A Thrivent Member Network is a regional group of Thrivent members committed to supporting The Thrivent Way. Members have access to resources to help create wise financial strategies and make the most of their time, talents and treasures.