2018 Board Election Results

Benefit members elected three incumbents to Thrivent’s board in the 2018 election: Eric J. Draut, Lynn Y. Crump-Caine and Bradford N. Creswell. Their new terms begin in February 2019.

For more information about Thrivent’s board members, see the Leadership Biographies page.

If you voted in the election, thank you for letting your voice be heard!

Detailed results:

Name of Candidate Qualified Votes1
Eric J. Draut 124,387
Lynn Y. Crump-Caine 116,275
Bradford N. Creswell 98,862
Paula H. Phillippe 65,677
Deborah M. Ackerman 52,177
Lee D. Meyer 37,462
John G. Ehlen 36,542
Kristine J. Toyne 33,012

1 Tabulated by Election-America, an independent election services company.