"Be Wise and Thrive"

Thrivent Radio Feature

Thrivent recently launched a new daily 60-second radio feature. Airing on radio stations across the U.S., the "Be Wise and Thrive" program is meant to educate and inspire listeners who want to let their values and faith guide their financial decisions. And the topic is new each day.

"Thrivent is in a unique position to talk about how finances can be guided by someone's faith and values," says Callie Briese, director of External Affairs at Thrivent and the voice of the radio spots. "And we know that people who listen to Christian radio stations are interested in being wise stewards of all God has given them."

"We use everyday experiences to make the topics engaging and fun, whether it's generosity or financial guidance," Briese says.

Information for stations

If the station you listen to is interested, have them email mediarelations@thrivent.com for more information.