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Make Payments

Make Payments

Make a one-time online payment.


When you log into your account on, you have the ability to make one-time, online payments for:

  • Traditional, universal and variable universal life.
  • Fixed and variable annuity contributions.
  • Group bill accounts.
  • Disability insurance, some long-term care insurance, and Medicare supplement insurance.
  • Mutual fund purchases.

Getting Started

  1. Log in to Your Accounts.
    Click on a Pay Now or Purchase Now button that appears above your contract or account list for the product you would like to pay.
    Pay Now/Purchase Now
  2. Select the contract or account you would like to pay.
    Financial instituion information
  3. Set up your bank account information.
    The first time you visit the Payment Center you will need to establish your financial institution and bank account. Your financial institution information will be saved.
    One-time transaction
  4. Complete information for a one-time transaction.
    For an Annuity or Insurance product, select the Premium Amount displayed for your contract type.

    For a Mutual Fund product enter the amount you wish to invest into your account.

    Note: Contract or account minimums may apply and you will not be able to make a payment or purchase less than your premium or minimum purchase threshold.
  5. Click Submit to authorize your payment or purchase.
    You will need to confirm the dollar amount is correct. Please check your email for payment or purchase confirmation.

See the MyThrivent Make Payment FAQs for more information.

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