Leadership Roles

Thrivent Builds Roles

Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity Overview

Our multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership with Habitat for Humanity International provides solutions to substandard and poverty housing to help families achieve greater economic independence. Project types include:

  • Thrivent Builds Repairs – A national program that partners with local Habitat affiliates to complete simple one-or-two-day exterior projects to existing owner-occupied homes.
  • Thrivent Builds Homes – Builds hundreds of new homes each year in the U.S., through partnership with local Habitat affiliates and through the volunteer efforts of Thrivent members, congregations and others.
  • Thrivent Builds Worldwide – Offers short-term, one-to-two-week international and domestic working trips that address critical housing needs around the world.

For complete details on all programs including answers to frequently asked questions, visit ThriventBuilds.com (Link opens in new window).


Two member leader positions have been developed to specifically support the Thrivent Builds Homes program. As a result, no Thrivent Builds responsibilities are added to the 10 elected chapter leadership board or congregational advocate roles.

  • Thrivent Builds Chapter Specialist – Encourages member engagement in volunteering and fundraising efforts in support of Thrivent Builds projects. The Thrivent Builds chapter specialist plays an integral part in managing the chapter's involvement in build projects. Specialists may be recruited by the community engagement team (CET) or a chapter board. It is a unique, non-elected (non-voting) position that supports the chapter's Thrivent Builds efforts for the board. Learn more about becoming a chapter specialist including responsibilities, required skills and the time commitment by viewing the role description (Link opens in new window) (PDF, 96K).
  • Congregational Champion – The Thrivent Builds congregational champion supports Thrivent Builds projects with promoting fundraising and outreach efforts to church members. Champions are typically recruited by specialists to help in educating and inspiring members and others to get involved. Learn more about becoming a congregational champion including responsibilities, required skills and the time commitment by viewing the role description (Link opens in new window) (PDF, 28K).

Benefits of Getting Involved

As a Thrivent Builds chapter specialist or congregational champion, you'll develop a closer connection to your congregation, your chapter and your community. You'll gain firsthand experience in mobilizing volunteers and helping to provide solutions to the issues of substandard housing. There's no satisfaction like knowing you've made a noticeable and positive difference in your local community!

Member Leader Eligibility

Some members are not eligible to hold member leader positions due to conflicts of interest.

Chapter and Congregation Involvement

Congregations and Thrivent chapters are critical pieces of a successful Thrivent Builds endeavor, especially Thrivent Builds Homes projects.

The chapter leadership board is encouraged to support Thrivent Builds by:

  • Informing members about Thrivent Builds projects in their area through the Chapter Mailing Service, chapter events and on the chapter website.
  • Helping the Thrivent Builds chapter specialist promote their Thrivent Builds Homes project and encouraging members to participate.