Getting Involved

There are so many ways to live generously. At Thrivent Financial, we can help you make a difference in your church or community. Getting involved as a member is easy and fun.

Participate in Your Chapter or Thrivent Member Network

Thrivent is different from most other financial services organizations. As a fraternal benefit society, we have local member groups all over the country. As a member, you're part of one!

Over the next few years, our current chapter system will transition to Thrivent Member Networks. These member groups offer you many opportunities to help others be wise with money and live generously.

  • Participate in Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Use Thrivent resources to lead a workshop in your church or community on timely financial and stewardship topics.
  • If you're eligible, direct Thrivent Choice Dollars® to any of the more than 20,000 churches and nonprofits enrolled in the program.

Member's Voice

"What Thrivent has to offer … can meet the needs of so many."*