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Stable families. Growing churches. Thriving communities. Together, we're focusing on what matters and changing lives.

Being Wise With Money

Every financial decision you make is a statement – about your priorities, your values and your faith. We want to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your money. It starts by aligning your finances with what's important to you.

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Thrivent members helped raise more than $182.7 million dollars in 2013.

Making the Most of Your time, Talents & Treasures

We believe grace-oriented, Biblical principles of wise planning and joyful generosity can lead to comfort and confidence – not just with your finances, but in all areas of your life. Together, through shared values and healthier relationships with money, we can make a difference in our families, churches, cities and beyond.

Living Generously

We believe everything we have is a gift from God, and that living generously is an expression of our faith. When you become a Thrivent member, you'll get more than financial guidance. You'll also discover new ways to experience the joy of giving.

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