Welcome to Our New Brand

Here are some ways you’ll experience Thrivent’s transformation.

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We have reimagined Thrivent’s future, and it is bright! We recently launched a new brand to introduce the organization to the millions of Christians who don’t know us. Our new brand shows how we’re different—how we see money as a tool, not a goal, as you make financial decisions informed by your faith. So you can live a life full of meaning and gratitude.

Through our brand, we’re going to tell Thrivent’s story in a new and compelling way. And the central part of that narrative is you.

Our hope is that you will experience an organization that’s centered around you and your needs. Whether you’re meeting with one of our knowledgeable financial professionals, investing in mutual funds or managing your accounts online, we want you to have the best experience possible.

Here are some of the ways you’ll see Thrivent’s new brand come to life:

Redesigned website

Our website, thrivent.com, was redesigned to reflect the new brand. More importantly, sites featuring offerings like Thrivent Mutual Funds and Thrivent Credit Union are now housed together—with a single “front door” to welcome you to all that Thrivent has to offer. We hope you’ll find it easier now to connect with us and navigate the breadth of our offerings.

Client-friendly tools and experiences

Clients expect modern and simple digital experiences, so we’re delivering. Look for new ways to interact with Thrivent digitally.

New advertising campaign

What good is a new brand if you don’t share it with the world? Thrivent will debut a national advertising campaign this summer, across television, digital and other channels, introducing our organization to a new generation.

“Thrive with Purpose” will be incorporated throughout the campaign. The idea highlights our unique approach to helping clients build a financial strategy that allows them to use money as a tool to focus on their priorities and goals—to make financial decisions guided by their faith and pave the way for a future that is clearer and more meaningful.

New logo on buildings, materials

Our new logo honors our past—the warmth of our heart—while coming across in a vibrant, modern way. You’ll start seeing it on buildings, materials, advertising and more.

And you’ll have the chance to vote on the new design for the well-loved Live Generously T-shirts, distributed as part of Thrivent Action Teams. Look for details soon on how to cast your vote on thrivent.com.