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By Karen Himle

I had an “Augustinian moment” when thinking about writing this welcome note for our refreshed Thrivent magazine. The words that popped into my head were those heard by Augustine in a fourth-century garden: “Take up and read!”

We encourage you to take up and read Thrivent magazine. We want it to be:

  • A place for education and inspiration for you. Our articles are written to help you make wise money decisions that reflect your values, leading to more confident, content and generous lives.
  • A space for thoughtful reflection. We’re providing respites throughout the publication where you can journal your thoughts on a topic or a question we pose. In addition, you’ll find beautiful photography that provides a breathing space for reflection.
  • An opportunity to hear from Thrivent professionals and fellow Thrivent members. There are pages to tear out, so you easily can keep new ideas and tips for later.

Our new Thrive section at the beginning of the magazine provides bite-sized pieces of information on topics ranging from faith and finances to generosity. Our features are written to inspire members through engaging storytelling and guidance from Thrivent.

In addition to financial topics, you’ll find lifestyle stories that tie back to contentment, confidence and generosity. The newly redesigned magazine also provides a page of activities for kids and kids at heart!

Augustine’s life was changed forever when he read Romans 13:13-14. Our modest hope is that Thrivent magazine might change your life in some way, whether it be from a new idea, helpful advice, an inspiring story or a moment of reflection!

Karen Himle is senior vice president of Corporate Affairs at Thrivent.