5 Ways to Avoid Impulse Spending During the Holidays

Steps to avoid impulse spending during the holidays.

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By Rebecca Lubecki

  1. Remember your family’s goals

Don’t forget the bigger picture when holiday shopping. It’s nice to treat loved ones, but there are other ways to do so that don’t involve an expensive gift. Keep in mind other upcoming financial goals, so you remain on track.

  1. Make a list

Before setting out to buy gifts for family and friends, write down what you want to give each person. Once you’ve found their gift, cross them off the list, and leave the store before finding something that could tempt another purchase.

  1. Don't focus on a sale

Many impulse buys are prompted by seeing items on sale. Getting a great deal may feel justified, but it all adds up. Don’t lose sight of what you are spending. Even with a lower price, it’s still more expensive than not purchasing the item altogether.

  1. Shop when you are relaxed

Shopping while stressed can lead to indulgent purchases. Feeling relaxed as possible while buying gifts will help you stay on track and enjoy the experience.

  1. Remember what you (or they) already own

You come across sweaters on sale and remember your child loves the color blue. At 50% off, it makes sense to buy one as a gift. However, you remember they already own several tops in that color and move on. Apply that mentality when shopping for yourself and others.