God's Gifts

Entries for our annual contest were a show-and-tell about how kids use the gifts they’ve been given.

Now a family of six, the Kaplers make time to play and be active. This article (PDF) | Current issue (PDF) | Archive

How are you using the gifts (time, talents and treasures) God has given you to help others around you?

That was the question we posed for our 7th annual Kids’ Contest. Children from preschool through high school could enter. There were prizes at stake—up to three $100 awards were given for each medium in each age category.

A panel of judges made up of Thrivent employees pored over all of the entries to determine the winners, which you’ll see on the following pages. That process made us realize that we were winners too, because the heartfelt essays and drawings the kids submitted in response to the question warmed our hearts and inspired us.

You can see all of the entries, including the full essays, videos and artwork, at Thrivent.com/contest. Keep in mind that what you see here in excerpted form and online is exactly what was submitted, including grammar and spelling slip-ups.