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Member Leader Resources

Privacy Guidelines & Proper Use of Member Listings

Thrivent Financial Board Members and Congregational Volunteers

Because chapter and Thrivent Community board members, congregational advocates and other volunteers have access to member information, they must follow Thrivent Financial's privacy policies and procedures concerning access, disclosure and transmission of member list information.

Member list information includes name, address, phone number, email address, gender, age, congregation, and member preferences. Please be aware that based on a member's preference, the member may choose to not have his or her information shared or used. These preferences must be followed and honored.

Access to Member List Information

Member list information is shared with Thrivent volunteers so that they may carry out activities and responsibilities. Only those who have a need to know will have access to this information. In order to obtain access to Thrivent Financial member information, all individuals must agree to the Thrivent Branch Board/Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement once per year. Once member list information is provided, it should only be used for carrying out activities and responsibilities related to Thrivent.

Report Access

  • Chapter board members access member list information through the Chapter Leadership Administration system (Reports/listings>Chapter Member Listings> Go).
  • Congregational volunteers access member list information through the Congregational Volunteer Administration system (Reports/listings>Congregational Member Listings> Go).
  • Thrivent Community board members access member list information through Community Engagement System (CES) or by calling the Member Connection Center at 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and when prompted, saying "directory" and entering the five-digit extension of 82333 or by sending an email to Box Thrivent Communities.

Honoring Member Preferences

Individual member preferences change. Therefore, the listing should be requested every time it will be used for contact or for events. Member preferences are honored appropriately when a new list is obtained. Member preferences are updated weekly. Except for some members who have special restrictions on their information, all members in your chapter are included in the listing.

However, some members who are included do not wish to be contacted. You MUST verify their preference of receiving ANY information from a chapter and review preferences concerning correspondence choices for email, phone or paper mailings. Correspondence preferences are included in the listing.

Member List Security

The security and destruction of member list information is important. When retaining member list information, store it in a secure manner (e.g., in a closed file in a secure location). Once the member list information is used, dispose of it by shredding it or deleting it from the computer file permanently.

Disclosure of Member List Information

There may be occasions when board members/congregational volunteers would like to disclose information to a third party.

Member list information can be disclosed to outside third parties in two ways:

  • To carry out an event endorsed by Thrivent using services to carry out the event, such as printing and mailing services;
  • Or where request for disclosure is made by a non-affiliated Lutheran organization, such as a church or a school.

Prior to any disclosure to an outside third party, be sure to contact the Privacy Office at or (920)-628-2359, for information on what list should be disclosed. The Privacy Office will work with you to determine what list should be provided and whether a confidentiality agreement is required to be signed with the third party.

Member Communications Created by Board Members/Congregational Volunteers

When sending electronic or paper mailings, please be sure to honor and follow each individual's preference for correspondence.

Electronic or paper mailings to members must be used for Thrivent business only.

Do not use mailings to market Thrivent or its affiliates' products or services, or to promote its representatives.

Email Messaging

If you send an email message from your personal email to a group of individuals, individuals must all be entered in the blind carbon copy, "bcc", field and not in the "To" or "cc" field. This ensures that recipients cannot see email addresses of other members or have those email addresses added to another list it helps ensure their privacy.

Welcome Letters

If your board members send welcome letters to newly assigned members, refer to the last column of the online Newly Assigned Chapter Members Report to check if the members have opted out of receiving mailings. For chapters, this report is located under the Reports/Listings section in the Chapter Leadership Administration system. For Thrivent Communities, use your membership list to find the mailing preferences and use the Original Membership Date on the listing to determine who should receive a welcome letter.

Volunteer Personal Information

Because of the role volunteers hold, their contact information is shared within their chapter, Thrivent Community or congregation.

The information shared is only used to carry out the role as applicable to volunteer positions and not due to any customer relationship with Thrivent or its affiliates. As a board member or congregational volunteer, the individual is considered a representative of Thrivent and information is posted or provided to carry out the leadership position.

The table below shows, based on your Thrivent leadership position, what type of individual contact information that is available and who is provided such information, based on the leadership position that is held.

Thrivent Volunteer Role Contact Information on Contact Information Audience
Thrivent Community board member
Thrivent Builds chapter specialist
Chapter leader
Email Address
  • Members from your chapter and/or Thrivent Community.
  • Your region's MCE and CET.
  • Congregational advocates and Thrivent Builds congregational champions from your chapter.
  • Fraternal Operations employees.

Congregational advocate

Email Address

  • Members from your congregation.
  • Your region's MCE and CET.
  • Your chapter leadership board.
  • Thrivent Builds congregational champions.
  • Fraternal Operations employees.

Thrivent Builds congregational champion

Email Address

  • Members from your congregation.
  • Your region's MCE and CET.
  • Your Chapter leadership board.
  • Congregational advocates.
  • Fraternal Operations employees.

Contact person for an activity

Email Address

  • Your chapter and/or Thrivent Community leadership board.
  • Members from your chapter.
  • Your region's MCE,CET and office professional.
  • Congregational advocates and Thrivent Builds congregational champions from your church/chapter depending on whether the activity was for the Care Abounds in Communities® program or the Thrivent Builds program.

Note: If you put information on the Lutherans Online website or post it to a public blog or website, it is publicly disclosed under the privacy policies of the website.

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