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Leadership Roles

Working with Congregational Advocates

Appointments, Eligibility and Resignation


The chapter leadership board is responsible for approving any appointment or removal of congregational advocates.

It's a good idea for the chapter leadership board to approve the existing congregational advocates at the beginning of each year. There's no term limit for congregational advocates, and their service may continue indefinitely until they resign or the chapter leadership board decides their term should end.

Note: If all congregational advocates continue to the next year, no changes to the system are required at the beginning of the new year.


Before a person is approved by the chapter leadership board for a congregational advocate position, the chapter leadership board should make sure the person meets the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a Thrivent benefit or associate member (age 16 or older).
  • Is not a sales agent representing an organization other than Thrivent, or family member or employee who represents an organization other than Thrivent. (See conflicts of interest for more information.)
  • All congregational advocates must have email and Internet in order to receive Member Leader News and access online resources.

Also note that the person:

  • Doesn't have to be a member of the congregation where he/she is serving as congregational advocate.1
  • Doesn't have to be a member of the chapter where the congregation is located.

Adding the New Congregational Advocate Online

After eligibility is confirmed and approval is granted, a chapter leader should add the congregational advocate information for that congregation. This will require the individual's member ID. This can be obtained directly from the member or simply call the Member Connection Center and a representative can enter the congregational advocates information for you. If you obtain the member ID from the member and are entering the information online, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Chapter Leadership Administration.
  2. Click "Manage Congregational Volunteers."
  3. Select the appropriate congregation.
  4. Click "Add Volunteer."
  5. Enter the appropriate nine-digit member ID and click "Check Membership."
  6. If the person shown is correct, click "Continue."
  7. Select the position and enter the term begin date and member's email, if available.
  8. Click "Save" or "Save and Add Another."

Note: A chapter leader can add up to eight congregational advocates to the system.


Congregational advocates receive the following information from Thrivent:

  • A welcome email from the home office once they are added online within the administration system.

The director of congregational advocates can work with the Community Engagement Team to ensure that new congregational advocates receive the following training:


You can use this recruitment newsletter article (Word, 28K) in mailings or church bulletins to reach potential congregational advocates. It describes the attributes of a congregational advocate, what they can do and who to contact if interested in the position.

Resignation & Removal

If a congregational advocate resigns, a chapter leader can use the "Manage Congregational Volunteers" link in the Chapter Leadership Administration system to remove the individual. A congregational advocate also may directly notify the Member Connection Center that he or she wishes to resign from the position.

If a congregational advocate needs to be removed due to cause (fraudulent activity, conduct issues, etc.), see the Board Vacancies & Removing Members Leaders page.

1 To allow access to necessary information for their volunteer roles, congregational advocates' customer information at Thrivent Financial will show that they belong to the congregation in which they serve as congregational advocate.

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