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Leadership Roles

Board Vacancies & Removing Members Leaders


When a chapter board vacancy occurs, such as resignation for various reasons, another chapter leader can remove the leader's information from Chapter Leadership Administration. The former leader will be removed from Thrivent Financial's chapter leadership records. When applicable access to the checking account will also be revoked.

If a situation occurs where the chapter leadership board would like to remove any member leader due to a conflict or inappropriate behavior, see Removing Member Leaders for guidance.

When a vacancy occurs, the chapter board convenes the Nominating Committee who recommends a qualified eligible replacement or appointed member to fill the vacancy. The appointed member will fill the remainder of the term for the leader who vacated the position.

Note: Chapters are required to have a minimum of five leadership board members throughout the year, three of which hold the roles of president, records director and financial director.

After the chapter appoints someone to fill a vacancy, the chapter must enter the information online on the Chapter Leadership Administration system. Click "Manage Chapter Leaders" and enter the appropriate information, including the person's member ID number.

Removing Member Leaders

There are times when a chapter leadership board considers removing a member leader from a position due to reasons other than the leader moved out of the area or the role was not a good fit.

If the chapter board determines the removal of an elected chapter leader, chapter advisor or congregational advocate is warranted, be sure to use the following guidelines.


To help you understand examples of removal for 'cause,' the Thrivent Financial Board of Directors has defined 'cause' as follows:

  • Committing an act of dishonesty, forgery, fraud, embezzlement or theft, including intentionally making a materially false statement that adversely affects a local branch, a congregation or institution, or any member of Thrivent, or being arrested for a crime that would create a substantial risk of having an adverse effect on the reputation of the local branch or Thrivent if the person remained in office;
  • Failing to carry out assigned responsibilities, which, with respect to a member of a governing board, includes absence from three consecutive meetings of the local branch or absence from over one-half of such meetings held within a 12-month period;
  • Engaging in public disparagement of Thrivent or a local branch, their leaders or the benefits provided by Thrivent;
  • Intentionally disrupting the orderly conduct of the business of the local branch, including harassment of other leaders or members of Thrivent;
  • Committing an act of gross negligence in managing funds or activities;
  • Violating rules or policies of Thrivent applicable to local branch governing board members, officers and others with special roles that are designed to protect the interests of Thrivent or its members or not complying with laws or regulations, including but not limited to disclosure of member information in violation of policies designed to protect member privacy;
  • A conflict of interest making the person ineligible to serve under policies adopted by Thrivent; or
  • Inability to serve for any reason.

'Cause' exists when the board reasonably determines, after consideration of the available facts, that one or more of the actions or conditions listed above has occurred with respect to a member leader.

'Cause' does not include reasons such as a leader moved, the role was not a good fit or they changed member leader positions.

When it's been determined 'cause' exists, follow these steps:

  1. Vote - Two-thirds of the remaining voting chapter leaders must vote to remove or suspend the member leader from his or her role.
  2. Document the decision - Once the vote is completed, document the decision in chapter meeting minutes, including the name of the member, role title, effective date and an explanation for the removal or suspension.
  3. Update Chapter Leadership Administration - Remove the leader by using the Chapter Leadership Administration system. Depending on the role, you will need to use "Manage Chapter Leaders" or "Manage Congregational Volunteers."
    • Click "Terminate" by the appropriate leader's name.
    • Click the "Terminated for cause" box.

Anyone removed for the reasons listed in the definition of 'cause' is not eligible for election or appointment to a member leader position.

If a leader was terminated for cause in error, or if the member desires to appeal the decision, contact a representative from the Member Connection Center at 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836), for assistance.

Outgoing Leadership Transition

When applicable, outgoing leaders should consider the following as they step down from leadership positions:

  • If a leader has a Chapter Leader Materials binder it's a good practice to pass it on to a newly elected leader. Depending on the leadership position, the binder could include past years' minutes, financial records, updated program guides and other documents that will be helpful to the new leader.
  • Outgoing leaders may want to inform new leaders about online resources, the Member Connection Center, fellow member leaders and other resources available to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of the role.
  • The chapter checkbook should be given to the new financial director if he or she is new to the position.
  • Financial records and meeting minutes must be passed on to the new leader (financial director and records director), to ensure they are kept together for seven years.

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