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Reporting Results & Leadership Transition

Chapter Elections: Reporting Results

There are four important tasks necessary for reporting chapter leader election results.

Entering Next Year's Elected Chapter Leaders

Within 10 days of the election (and before year-end), a current chapter leader needs to enter next year's elected chapter leader information in Chapter Leadership Administration (Click "Manage Chapter Leaders," click "Add Leader," and follow the prompts).

  • Before entering the results, review the two-page Reporting Chapter Leadership Election Results (PDF, 322K) step-by-step instruction guide.
  • Enter all of next year's chapter leaders, including those who are re-elected. (Click the "Extend Term" button to enter those leaders who are re-elected to a board position they held in the previous year. This automatically transfers the leader's information to the next year. This button is found in the "Current Leaders" table directly below the "Add Leader" button.)
  • To enter the chapter leaders, you need to have their member ID numbers, start date (Jan. 1) and email addresses. To obtain a member ID (Link opens in new window), you will need to contact the member. Or call the Member Connection Center at 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) so a customer service professional can enter the leader(s) for you.
  • When entering email addresses, the "Thrivent email" field will show the email address thatThrivent Financial has on file for that leader. If the leader would like chapter communications to be sent to a different email address, that address can be entered in the "Fraternal email" field.
  • Before entering email addresses, verify with the leaders that their addresses are up-to-date. Also have leaders make sure their spam filters allow email from Thrivent (
  • Each chapter leadership board is required to have at least five elected members and may have as many as 10. There are three required elected roles: president, financial director and records director. The board determines which additional roles to fill, keeping in mind five need to be in elected roles. At least five required chapter leaders must be entered in the system by year-end. Failure to do so may impact a chapter's eligibility to receive funding.

    If any of the five required board roles remain open after the election, the chapter should:
    1. Enter the remaining elected new leader information within 10 days of the election.
    2. Begin actively recruiting people to appoint to the vacant position(s) to ensure all five of the required roles are filled.
    Note: On Jan. 1, all of the previous year's leaders are removed from Thrivent's records as current leaders, and the new leadership board members are added as current leaders. If there are no new current leaders on record, the chapter leadership positions become vacant. Except for outgoing financial directors and assistant financial directors, the previous year's leaders will not have access to the online screens as of Jan. 1. See details.
  • Because of the term-limit requirements for elected chapter leaders, the system will not allow you to submit the name of someone who has served in an elected chapter leadership position within the past four years.

Bank Signature Card

A chapter must complete a new Chapter Depository Authorization (bank signature card) (PDF, 272K) any time one or more of the following situations occur:

  • A new financial director is elected or appointed.
  • A new assistant financial director is elected or appointed.
  • There are changes to who should have access to the chapter checking account.

Report Election Activity

Report each election activity separately (attendance and volunteer hours) in Chapter Leadership Administration. Locate "Report Locally Supported Activity Results" (e.g., educational workshops, member socials, charitable activities, meetings, elections, Join Hands Day, etc.) and click "Go." Then choose the category, "Election," and click "Continue." Fill in the appropriate information and save the entry.

Appoint Other Roles

Appoint or re-appoint members to chapter advisory roles and Thrivent Builds chapter specialist roles. All current year appointed chapter advisors (e.g., Internet Advisors) and Thrivent Builds chapter specialists will be removed from Thrivent's records as of Dec. 31. To avoid re-entering information, the incoming elected leadership board members may re-appoint members to these roles before Jan. 1 and use the "Extend Term" feature to keep their information active.

Outgoing Leadership Transition

When applicable, outgoing leaders should consider the following as they step down from leadership positions:

  • If an outgoing leader has a Chapter Leader Materials binder it's a good practice to pass it on to a newly elected leader. Depending on the leadership position, the binder could include past years' minutes, financial records, updated program guides and other documents that will be helpful to the new leader.
  • Outgoing leaders may want to inform new leaders about the many resources available to help them in their new roles, such as online resources, the Member Connection Center, and fellow member leaders.
  • The chapter checkbook should be given to the new financial director.
  • Financial records and meeting minutes must be passed on to the new leader (financial director and records director), to ensure they are kept together for seven years.

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