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Member Leader Resources

Recruiting Leaders

Nominating Committee & Recruiting Member Leaders

One characteristic of a fraternal benefit society is that it has a representative form of government. This means that all adult members (age 16 or older) of the chapter decide via an annual election who will lead the chapter for the next year.

The chapter leadership board has the duty to appoint a Nominating Committee. Members eligible to serve on the board may either be nominated by the committee or by any 10 benefit or associate members of the chapter other than the nominee themselves.

Committee Membership

  • Includes at least four chapter members, who are either benefit or associate members.
  • Thrivent Financial representatives or their spouses may constitut no more than one-third of the persons on the Nominating Committee.
  • Includes the chapter chair or another board member appointed by the chair, serving as chair of the Nominating Committee.

Guidelines and Best Practices for Recruiting Member Leaders

Information to Review and Share with Candidates

As nominating and recruitment efforts begin, review the following so you can provide accurate information and answer questions from candidates.

  • Member Leader Roles – Provides details on required, optional and advisory board roles. Also contains examples of board make-up.
  • Member leader eligibility (conflicts of interest) – Some members (e.g., Thrivent Financial representatives) are not eligible to hold elected chapter leadership positions or congregational advocate positions due to conflicts of interest.
  • Privacy policy – Provides a detailed table showing what contact information will be on the Internet and who can see this information. You must share this information with all nominees. They must verbally agree to have their contact information posted on the chapter website on Lutherans Online and also on to Thrivent members who belong to that chapter (public sites).
  • Eligibility and term limits – Information regarding details of both.
  • Consent – A potential member leader must give his or her consent to being a candidate for the position and commit to serving the one-year term.
  • Internet access – Because a majority of the administrative tasks require online access, it is strongly recommended that you recruit people who have access to and are comfortable with using email and the Internet (records director and financial director roles require Internet and email access).

Recruiting Resources for Member Leaders – Do It in Steps!

Strong boards don't happen by accident. It takes intentional effort to identify and recruit members with the right characteristics (values, skills, experience, etc.), who can help make a board the best it can be! Here are six steps to recruit for excellence:

  1. Assess the needs of your chapter leader board.
  2. Brainstorm a list of potential candidates.
  3. Filter candidates against the board member criteria and needed skill sets.
  4. Consider board composition.
  5. Ask candidates to consider nomination.
  6. Follow up with all candidates.

Explore the steps above as a current board and/or with the Nominating Committee using the Member Leader Recruitment Guide (Link opens in new window) (Word, 71K) and Member Leader Recruitment Worksheet   (PDF, 165K) (Link opens in new window) as your compass.

Recruitment Process

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