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Member Leader Resources

Conducting Elections

Overview & Leadership Board Responsibilities

The chapter leadership board is responsible for managing the local election process for next year's leadership board. The entire board should take responsibility for conducting a successful chapter election. This includes:

  • Appointing a Nominating Committee for the chapter leader election and administering the nomination process. This appointment is done by the entire leadership board. The chair of the Nominating Committee is a member of the chapter leadership board.
  • Communicating the election event and raising awareness of what it means to belong to a membership organization.
  • If your chapter is conducting elections as meetings, consider forming an election team to plan and conduct elections. That team can meet in person or via teleconference.
  • Trying something new – check out these examples of activities to hold with election idea starters.
  • Reporting results, including next year's chapter leaders and the election event attendance, volunteer hours, etc.

Election Requirements

  • The annual chapter leader elections must be held between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30. Meetings held outside this time period may not be valid. Always monitor Member Leader News for updates and further instructions.
  • The chapter board appoints a Nominating Committee for the nomination of candidates to the chapter leadership board.
  • All chapter members must be given reasonable notice of the chapter leader elections and the chapter leader nomination process (date, time and place if being conducted as an event). For more information, see the Announce Chapter Leader Election Event section.
  • Adult benefit and adult associate members of a chapter may vote for the chapter leadership board of that chapter. Each member may cast one vote for each open chapter board position. Members cannot vote by proxy.
  • All candidates for the following year must appear on the ballot, even if they are a current leader planning to serve another term.
  • The candidates receiving the most votes are elected to the chapter leadership board. Elected chapter leaders hold office for one year, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.
  • Election results need to be entered by current chapter leadership within 10 days of the election, and no later than Dec. 31 in Chapter Leadership Administration. Failure to do so may impact the chapter's eligibility to receive funding.

No Annual Election

  • If the current year's chapter leaders refuse or fail to hold a chapter leadership election by the end of the year, they are removed from Thrivent Financial's records as current leaders, and all of the chapter leadership positions will become vacant on Jan. 1.
  • To fill these positions, a chapter leadership election may be held between Jan. 1 and March 31. Because no existing elected chapter leaders exist on Thrivent Financial's system, leaders cannot be appointed to the vacant elected positions; they must be elected. Those wishing to conduct an election after the first of the year can call a representative of the Member Connection Center for guidance at 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and say "fraternal" when promoted. Or email

The Election Event

Mail, Email or In-person

Although the election can be conducted by mail or email, holding an in-person annual election meeting (or multiple meetings at different sites) is preferred. It allows members to come together and exercise the fact that they belong to a representative form of government. If the election is in person, holding a benevolent service or social activity with the election is encouraged. This is a great way for members to become more engaged with their chapter and organization.

Election Expenses

Chapter operating funds are used to cover election expenses, and chapter leadership boards are expected to budget for these expenses.

Get Thrivent Financial Representatives and Congregational Advocates Involved

Chapter leadership boards should leverage their financial associate advisors if this position is filled. If it is not filled, chapter leadership boards should check with their Community Engagement Team (CET) to find Thrivent Financial representatives who are willing to be involved in the chapter election.

Congregational advocates can help with planning or with the event itself. Maybe they know of some great nominees for the board.

Examples of Activities to Hold with Election

Bringing chapter members together for your election event doesn't have to be all about the election. Think of ways to incorporate other kinds of meaningful activities that draw more members to your important event. While members are choosing future member leaders, you can:

  • Host an educational activity or workshop on local community issues, or on topics like understanding Social Security, or how to avoid identify theft.
  • Conduct a food collection for local food pantries.
  • Recognize outstanding volunteers and activities.
  • Host a social activity for members and their guests before or after the election (for example, a Thrivent Financial picnic, barbeque, night at the ballpark or day at the zoo).
  • Hold a diaper collection for day care centers.
  • Collect pet supplies or food for animal shelters.
  • Activities for children (games, crafts, etc.).
  • Incorporate a fundraiser or hands-on service activity.

If an activity is held in conjunction with your election, don't forget to report the activity results separate from the election itself.

Announce Chapter Leader Election Event

You can notify your members about the election and solicit votes using the following tools:

Chapter Leader Election Ballot

  • Ballot for use at in-person election events: Election ballot – (Fillable Word, 468K).
  • Use the Chapter Mailing Service: a ballot common article (Link opens in new window) can be used as part of your mailing. Customize the template to suit your needs.
  • Ballot includes a brief survey for members to voice their concerns or focus areas to address in the community. The voice of your membership can help shape chapter planning.

    Note: if your chapter provides the option for ballots to be returned by US Mail or email you must provide clear instructions where to return the ballot.

    If more than one adult member (age 16 or older) resides in a household, it is acceptable for all members to vote using one ballot. Each voter can place a check mark or "x" by the name of their candidate of choice. If a member receives a ballot via email, each voter can also make their selection by typing an "x" by the candidate's name and then forward the email to the address you provide.

  • When your election is completed, and after results are reported you are not required to keep ballots. They can be disposed.

Attendance Sheet to Use at Chapter Election Event

Announce Chapter Leader Election Results

Don't forget to introduce the new board to your chapter members. Also, if an activity was held in conjunction with your election, report the activity results such as attendance, volunteer hours, etc.

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