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Communication & Promotion

Tips for Success

Following are tips to create a mailing that's appealing in both paper and electronic format.

Catch the Reader's Attention

Use article titles that keep members interested, and place the most important articles first. Use a postcard/newsletter title that is eye-grabbing and interesting.

  • For all postcards, election invitations and newsletters – In Manage Chapter Newsletters on the Add/Update postcard/newsletter page, what you enter in the "Enter the name for the postcard/newsletter" field will display as the subject of the email sent to members. Think of something eye-grabbing and interesting!
  • For all newsletters – In Manage Chapter Newsletters on the Add/Update postcard/newsletter page, what you enter in the "Enter the title for this newsletter" field will display as the title of the newsletter in the body of the email sent to members.
  • For all newsletters – In Manage Chapter Newsletters on the Add/Update postcard/newsletter page, what you enter in the "Enter the headline for article x" field will display as the header of each article in the body of the email sent to members.

Pay Attention to Formatting

What looks good in the system or on paper doesn't always translate to email.

  • Newsletters/election invitations – If you enter extra spaces to create columns or insert special characters to create a visual separation of text, this will NOT translate into the email version.
  • Do not center text. It does not work properly in email versions.
  • All the information in a postcard or election invitation is viewable in the body of the email sent via eDelivery.
  • When members receive a newsletter (two- or four page) via eDelivery, the entire newsletter content is not viewable in the email. The first 35 words of each article are shown with a link to view the entire newsletter on their Lutherans Online chapter website (Chapter Newsletters page).

Other Things to Consider

  • Communicate the right amount - At an upcoming leadership board meeting, plan when and what types of mailings will increase member involvement. As you do this, balance the benefits and impact of your plan and the potential cost associated with paper mailings or other communication vehicles.
  • Vary your communication styles – Think about your audience as you consider potential communication vehicles. Some people may prefer to check the chapter website for upcoming events, while others will wait for an invitation. Cover your bases and communicate in different ways!
  • Keep an eye on costs - Use the Estimate Mailing Costs report located in the Chapter Leadership Administration area. This will calculate the estimated cost of pieces delivered via U.S. mail. Remember, mailings sent via eDelivery have no cost.
  • Be sure to approve - Your chapter board will want to approve all newsletter and postcard mailings before mailings are submitted. For example, it's important that Thrivent Builds chapter specialists notify and ask permission from the chapter leadership board before submitting a Thrivent Builds newsletter or postcard mailing.

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