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Care Abounds in Communities® Program Requirements

Thrivent Financial understands that every community has unique and ever-changing needs. The Care Abounds in Communities program provides chapters the flexibility to help other members, individuals and non-profit organizations in a way that works best for all involved. Funding can be used for charitable (fund-raisers and hands-on service projects), educational and member social activities.

Eligible Recipients

  • Individuals/families.
  • Charitable, educational, religious and other organizations exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (including congregations).
  • Most 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible. However Thrivent does not provide outreach funding to organizations that polarize, or have the potential to polarize, our membership.
  • Units of state or local government (e.g., cities, towns, counties, school districts, city parks).

To check if an organization is approved to receive Care Abounds in Communities funding, you can search organizations in the Thrivent Choice catalog. All organizations that are approved for Thrivent Choice are also approved to receive funding from Care Abounds in Communities. If you have questions, contact the Member Connection Center at 800-847-4836 and say "fraternal."

501(c)(3) Organizations

Most charitable, religious and educational non-profit organizations are 501(c)(3) organizations. If a nonprofit organization states that donations to it are tax deductible (often stated on the website of the nonprofit organization), you can assume it is a 501(c)(3) organization. A veterans' organization, which is a 501(c)(19), or a fraternal society, which is a 501(c)(8), do not qualify as eligible recipients.

If there is a question about the designation, a chapter leader or other member coordinating the activity should contact the proposed recipient nonprofit organization before the activity to verify it is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Detailed information about 501(c)(3) organizations can be found in IRS publication 557.

Mutual insurance companies, veterans' organizations, VFWs, credit unions, recreational clubs, trade associations, chambers of commerce, political parties, labor unions, cooperatives and other types of organizations (such as the Green Bay Packers) that are nonprofit organizations but are not categorized as 501(c)(3) organizations are not qualified to receive funding through the Care Abounds in Communities® program.

Note: Auxiliaries of organizations that do not have the 501(c)(3) designation also do not qualify as eligible recipients.

These types of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations do not serve charitable, educational or religious purposes and are not aligned with the permitted purposes of Thrivent and its chapters. In addition, contributions to organizations that are not categorized as 501(c)(3) or government units are usually not tax deductible.

The process of obtaining recognition as a 501(c)(3) organization provides a degree of assurance that the organization is required to be and is, in fact, a bona fide nonprofit and benevolent organization that is aligned with the purposes of Thrivent.

Activities Not Supported

  • Activities conducted in foreign countries. However, chapters may conduct activities within the United States to raise funds for activities of other persons and eligible nonprofit organizations in foreign countries (e.g., Red Cross, Lutheran World Relief).
  • Charitable activities supporting Thrivent Builds®.
  • Activities that have a substantial purpose of promoting sales of products or services, including Thrivent products and services.
  • Member social activities that are open to the broader community. (Only Thrivent members and their personal guests may be invited to member social activities.)

Ineligible Use of Funding

Fund-raiser/hands-on service activity:

  • Payment of professional or contracted services by vendors.
    Note : It is acceptable for the fundraiser recipient to use funds raised to pay for a professional or contracted service.
  • As a direct grant.
  • Supplies for fund-raising activities.

Educational and member social activity:

  • As a direct grant.
  • Activities that involve collecting fees from participants (must be funded with operating funds).

Note: Reimbursement is provided up to the amount of expenses incurred for the purchase of required materials for hands-on and educational and member social activities.

Service Team Requirements to Receive Funding

  • A Thrivent member initiates the activity.
  • A volunteer service team must be formed.
  • Must be actively involved in the activity (i.e., provide the labor, planning, conducting).
  • Must promote the activity as a Thrivent chapter-hosted activity (e.g., hosted by members of the ABC Chapter of Thrivent Financial).

Funding Requirements

  • Funding requests must be entered online before an activity occurs.
  • $100 minimum per service team, per activity (all activity types).
  • No maximum amount per activity.
  • Funds for an activity cannot exceed the remaining funds available for the chapter.
  • Funds for the year are not carried over to the next year.

Important Dates

  • Dec. 18 – Last day that new 2015 activity/funding requests will be made. No exceptions can be made.
  • Dec. 31 – Last day to report 2015 activity results to be included in 2015 totals.

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