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Activities FAQ

What Qualifies?

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Q. Can we reimburse Thrivent Financial representatives, Community Engagement Team members or other Thrivent employees for expenses from a chapter activity that partners with a financial representative or the Regional Financial Office?

A. Yes. When a financial representative, Community Engagement Team member or other Thrivent employee makes a purchase for a chapter activity, ask them to submit receipts and a completed Chapter Expense Reimbursement Request (Link opens in new window) (Word, 291K) for their actual expenses to the chapter leadership board. Someone other than the individual being reimbursed must enter the funding request online.

Q. Can a chapter host a Thrivent representative open house using chapter operating funds or any other chapter funding, or promote a financial representative open house via the Chapter Mailing Service (chapter newsletter or postcard)?

A. Chapter funds (operating funds, Care program funds) are tax-exempt dollars. They cannot be used to promote Thrivent products or financial representatives. It would not be appropriate to use chapter resources to solely promote an FR Open House or to introduce new FRs or their office location.

However, it's acceptable for chapters to use these funds to conduct and promote an eligible chapter activity where the chapter partners with the financial representative and the he or she is present (e.g., hosting a member social or educational activity at the financial representative's new office during specific hours, where the financial representative and chapter leaders are on hand to answer questions about the chapter and Thrivent). In addition, chapters are always encouraged to invite financial representatives to chapter activities and to introduce the financial representatives, along with the chapter leaders, to attendees.

Q. Are chapters allowed to conduct educational activities other than Thrivent educational workshops?

A. Yes, as long as the activity has the purpose to provide instruction/training to improve capabilities or knowledge about useful topics that benefit or are of interest to and will attract Thrivent members and others. The activity cannot have a substantial purpose of promoting sales of products or services, including Thrivent products and services. If you are not sure whether an activity qualifies, contact your regional Community Engagement Team.

Q. Are there educational and member social activities that chapters are discouraged from doing?

A. If an activity you're considering involves a topic listed below, explore the links to become familiar with special guidelines.

Reminder: Hosting activities that have a substantial purpose of promoting sales of products or services, including Thrivent products and services is an ineligible use of chapter funding.

Q. Would conducting Vacation Bible School qualify as an educational activity?

A. Yes, however be sure to keep the purpose of chapter-hosted educational and member social activities in mind – to appeal to, attract and involve more members. The leadership board may approve the activity for funding if they feel it meets the definition of an educational activity and has the potential to attract and involve more Thrivent members.

Funding and Reporting

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Q. Are there activity minimums and maximums associated with educational and member social activities?

A. If the activity is being supported with operating funds, there is no funding minimum. Educational or member social activities supported with Care Abounds in Communities funding have a $100 minimum.

The maximum funding allowed for educational or member social activities should not exceed the amount of expenses.

Q. Can pre-funding be requested for member social and educational activities when Care Abounds in Communities® dollars are being used to support those activities?

A. Yes, up to 50% up-front funding can be requested for supplies.

Q. Is it acceptable to have multiple chapters support one activity and each receive credit for the activity?

A. If each chapter is supporting the activity with its own funds, and each chapter has a unique service team planning, preparing for and working at the activity, then each chapter can report the activity as long as the reporting results are divided among the chapters involved. (For example, if 100 people attended an educational event, each chapter would report a share of the 100. Each chapter would not report the full100 in attendance.)

Q. Does recipient information need to be provided when requesting funds for member social and educational activities?

A. No.

Q. Will receipts need to be retained for member social and educational activities?

A. Yes. Receipts or legible photocopies of receipts for expenses for these two activity types need to be submitted to and retained by the chapter for seven years in case of an audit. Receipts serve as supporting information for funds that are released and for reporting that is done via the online system.

Chapter Election

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Q. Can our chapter hold an educational or member social activity in conjunction with the annual chapter leader election?

A. Yes. Holding an educational or member social activity, or a charitable activity, in conjunction with the election event is a great way to not only attract more members to the event, but to help attendees learn more about the chapter experience and Thrivent.

As you consider holding an activity with the election, here is some information and tips to guide you:

  • Providing refreshments (e.g., coffee and doughnuts, cake and ice cream) is considered part of the election event; it does not count as a separate member social activity.
  • The chapter reports the election event and the additional activity separately:
    • Report the election event as a locally supported activity, choosing the "Election" category. This helps demonstrate to others that we operate with a representative form of government, which is a requirement of a fraternal benefit society.
    • Report the additional activity as you normally would report an eligible charitable, educational or member social activity.
    • When reporting, divide the attendance and volunteer hour numbers between the election event and additional activity (e.g., if 100 people attended, report 50 for the election and 50 for the activity).


During its planning of the annual election event, the chapter leadership board considers holding an additional activity that will attract and involve more members. They decide to host a member social picnic at the local park with games for children and adults. A service team is formed to plan and conduct the member social activity. Chapter operating funds are used to support the member social activity. Volunteer hours totaled 65 for the election event and 75 for the activity, and 90 members attended.

After the activity, the chapter reports the election event as a locally supported activity, choosing the "Election" category. It reported 65 hours for volunteer hours and 45 members for attendance. In addition, the chapter reported the member social activity as a locally supported activity, choosing the "Member Social" category. It reported 75 hours for volunteer hours and 45 members for attendance.

Because chapter operating funds were used, the chapter also reported the expenses on the Manage Chapter Operating Funds screens online.

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