Major Medical Insurance

Major medical insurance is available through Thrivent Financial representatives in states where Thrivent Financial has brokerage arrangements. Depending on the brokerage agreement in your state, the following major medical products may be available.

Individual Major Medical Insurance

This comprehensive health coverage can offer many of the valuable features found in group plans. A flexible design allows coverage to be customized to meet most health care needs and budgets. Family benefits are also available.

Individual major medical insurance may be appropriate if you are:

  • Self-employed.
  • Not covered by a group plan.
  • An early retiree.
  • A part-time employee.
  • Not currently employed.

Short-term Major Medical Insurance

This plan provides health insurance for people who have a temporary need for medical insurance.

Short-term medical insurance may be appropriate if you are:

  • Between permanent health plans.
  • Unemployed.
  • Waiting for group coverage to begin.
  • No longer qualified as a dependent under family coverage.
  • Waiting for underwriting approval for an insurance plan.

Contact a Thrivent Financial representative to see if our major medical insurance plans are available in your state.