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Thrivent Mobile App: Power of good design

Phone showing Thrivent's mobile app with account vallue, rate of return, and 1 and 10 year trendlines

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of good design. While I appreciate creativity and artistry, what interests me most is the discipline that goes into the actual design process.

A perfect example is Thrivent’s new mobile app. At first glance, the app is a modern, easy-to-use digital tool with great visual appeal.

What you can’t see is the design process used to develop this secure, intuitive digital experience that gives our clients a modern way to manage their money with purpose.

While we may not always reflect on what goes into good design, examples can be found all around us. Design is in architecture and landscapes. It’s in business, digital technology and, of course, entertainment.

Let’s consider my favorite TV program, “The Office.” The show’s success is anchored on outstanding performances by Steve Carell and an ensemble cast. After nine seasons and five Emmy Awards, the winning results are there.

What’s lesser-known is the work that happened behind the scenes.

For example, the U.S. version of “The Office” struggled during its first season when the production team tried to mimic the successful formula of its British predecessor. By stepping back and designing a format that more closely resembled corporate America, they managed to find a formula that engaged U.S. viewers.

The show also broke down the writer and actor silos by immersing the creative team with their “clients”—the actors—and then introducing several writers into the cast.

Similarly, our clients played an instrumental role in the overall research and design of our app. We engaged them throughout the process, suspending our preconceived ideas and truly listening to their feedback. Their insights were incorporated directly into the app’s design and features.

Grow. Give. Protect.

Today, we’re proud to offer the Thrivent Mobile App to help you:

  • Grow your investments: Manage brokerage and mutual funds accounts to keep balances in check.
  • Give back: Participate in Thrivent generosity programs.
  • Protect what matters: Access detailed information on your life and health insurance products as well as transaction history.
  • View consolidated accounts: See your Thrivent accounts in one summarized view to make the most of your financial assets.
  • Improve your financial well-being: Keep track of financial goals and stay informed through articles.
  • Contact your financial advisor: Find the phone number and email address with the tap of a button.

Just like “The Office” continued to iterate and improve season after season, we’re committed to enhancing our mobile app over time.

We’ll continue to engage clients while designing new features, such as the ability to make payments and apply for Thrivent Action Teams. We’ll find ways to further integrate the app into our clients’ overall financial service experience.

When more people thrive with purpose, our collective impact grows. That’s good by design.

Renato Mazziero is vice president of Experience and Innovation at Thrivent.