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Achieve work-life balance as a financial advisor

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Are you one of the millions of American workers who’s left their job in the last year during what’s been labeled as the “Great Resignation?”

You may have adjusted to a new lifestyle that came with the pandemic. As a result, your mindset has changed, your priorities have shifted and you’re looking for a job with different opportunities, more flexibility or more fulfilling work.

The Thrivent financial advisor career is a rewarding opportunity where you can make a difference in the lives of others while finding flexibility that aligns with your values.

Having more time for family while doing a job you’re passionate about is a main reason Regional Development Director Jessica Koefod began her career with Thrivent.

“We had our first child and I started thinking ‘I have this beautiful child and I’m gone 10 hours a day. This is not the design I had for my life,’” says Koefod. “I wanted to be able to really design my life. I also wanted to teach, grow and lead people to financial success."

There currently are many opportunities as Thrivent grows to serve more clients across the U.S.

“We need a lot more financial advisors helping more people,” says Regional Director Kevin Cunniff.

Many of our financial advisors have backgrounds in a wide variety of careers. What’s most important is that there’s a level of curiosity, and there’s a level of courage.
Kevin Cunniff, Market Director at Thrivent

You don’t have to be an experienced financial advisor. However, skills such as being entrepreneurial and results-driven, a natural coach or guide with strong interpersonal skills, and motivated by helping others confidently build their financial futures are key.

“Many of our financial advisors have backgrounds in a wide variety of careers,” says Cunniff. “What’s most important is that there’s a level of curiosity, and there’s a level of courage.”

As a Thrivent financial advisor, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance client experiences and help people make the most out of all they’ve been given—all while earning an attractive income.

Thrivent will provide you with paid training—a nine-week program that includes help studying and preparing for industry licensing exams—and ongoing support to help you build expertise and grow your business.

Consider making a career change to something more fulfilling. Learn more and apply.