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Why Thrivent? A unique purpose and ability to serve

Mary Jane Fortin, executive vice president, chief commercial officer, Thrivent

New chief commercial officer shares her thoughts on leading at Thrivent.

When I first considered the opportunity to join Thrivent, I was inspired by the purpose-driven nature of this organization. I’ve always believed financial services is a noble profession, but Thrivent takes it to the next level. Our shared belief that humanity thrives when people make the most of all they’ve been given is unique in the industry, and it deeply resonated with me.

With our combination of financial expertise and purpose-based advice, Thrivent has a unique ability to serve our clients’ needs broadly and holistically. We help clients protect their financial futures, manage through the uncertainty of these challenging times, prepare for retirement, and leave a legacy. What’s more, we are committed to delighting them with an engaging financial service delivery model that is second to none.

Our dedicated financial professionals are at the center of that commitment. They build client relationships that last a lifetime. With a focus on delivering purpose-based advice, they partner with clients to understand their personal goals and values. Then we help clients create the right strategies to achieve financial clarity, enabling lives full of meaning and gratitude.

That purposeful approach to finances distinguishes Thrivent across everything we do. We offer a fusion of finance and faith, where money is viewed as a tool, not a goal. We inspire generosity and amplify its impact through our many programs, products and advice. Everything we do is in service of our clients, and we invest in one another to help our clients and their communities thrive. And we know that relationships are built on transparency and honesty.

Our clients can have confidence that Thrivent has the resources and capabilities to help them through every life stage. We’re a diversified financial services company that is financially strong and stable, seeking to grow and focused on delivering an amazing customer experience.

And because the world is changing, Thrivent is making strategic investments to serve our clients in more modern and contemporary ways. For example, we’re working to create a more seamless digital experience across Thrivent’s products, programs and services. Our transformation will bring more exciting changes as we combine the power of our purpose with added convenience and choice in how our clients work with us.

While joining a new organization during a pandemic was a leap of faith for me, walking the virtual halls of Thrivent makes my spirit soar. I am incredibly excited for all that is to come.

Author Mary Jane Fortin, executive vice president, chief commercial officer, started at Thrivent in July of 2020.

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