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5 ways to celebrate Christmas virtually

Families gathering together for Christmas over video chat

Get five ideas for using technology to connect with family, friends this season.

If you’re celebrating the Christmas season virtually this year, there are plenty of ways to keep your traditions going.

1. Host a virtual gathering

With fewer parties to attend in person, see which ones you and your friends could throw virtually instead. Coordinate ahead of time to make sure no one has to miss out because of technology issues.

2. Prepare slideshows to share

Ask several guests to prepare a photo slideshow beforehand and give them a chance to share. That way, when others ask your niece how wedding planning is going or how your cousin’s newborn is doing, everyone can share stories and see for themselves.

3. Share family recipes

Part of the Christmas spirit includes sharing everyone’s favorite seasonal treats and dishes. Have several family members make a favorite family recipe and pick a day to enjoy it together over video chat or email.

4. Start a photo chain

Email your family members with photos of Christmas gatherings from past years and encourage everyone to respond with their own. It’s a great way to share some laughs, remember those who may have passed away since, or show younger or new members to the family some of its history.

5. Make a difference

There’s no better way to get into the giving spirit than supporting a great cause. Organize a virtual Thrivent Action Team with family or friends, bond and make projects together over video calls, like making blankets for the homeless.

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