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Thrivent clients put generosity in action: Summer 2021

Basket of essential household supplies

Thrivent Action Teams help clients make a difference in ways that matter.

Baskets for families

St. Louis, Missouri

Every year, the homeless ministry First Step Back Home hosts an Annual Christmas Wonderland event. It’s a festive party with lunch, entertainment and lots of gifts and activities for children. The most popular part of the event is the provision-filled laundry baskets given to each family that attends.

A comprehensive list of items—all of which would eventually be packed into sturdy laundry baskets—was distributed to churches and organizations as well as online.

Mike and Sandy King formed a Thrivent Action Team to collect materials for and assemble five baskets to their church’s donation. “I’ve seen many projects that could be helped by a Thrivent Action Team,” says Sandy. “I want others to know they can consider these when helping a cause they care about.”

More than 200 baskets were donated, overflowing with hand towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Families in need also received other items, such as nonperishable food items, gift cards and bibles. Many were touched by the generosity.

Sharing the love

Houston, Texas

Robert Grundmeier wanted to use his Thrivent Action Team to help purchase supplies to do a community event on Feb. 14 called “Sharing the Love.” However, after the devastating winter storms hit Texas, his team changed course and distributed food and water instead. They packed 150 lunches and distributed them in less than an hour in their church parking lot.

Mission trip support

Germantown, Wisconsin

Cheryl Eggold led a Thrivent Action Team to help the eighth-grade class from Grace Lutheran School raise funds for a mission trip to Tennessee. The students worked with Papa John’s Pizza to get a bulk discount and sold pizza lunches that raised $939. The class worked at a food shelter, as well as with a local mission group on home repairs and wheelchair ramps for the elderly.

Lunch for fire safety

Altona, Illinois

Peggy Masterson wanted to supply the Altona Fire Protection District volunteer firefighters with new safety equipment. She led a Thrivent Action Team where volunteers planned, prepared, served and delivered hot soup or chili lunches for $5 each to residents of the community. They raised enough to purchase three new thermal imaging cameras, which are used to help save lives and protect property.

Foster your community

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Susan Spong has seen how children in foster care in the Grand Forks community often lack necessities. Susan coordinated a Thrivent Action Team to assemble 11 comfort kits as part of the Foster Your Community Cuddle Kit Drive and delivered them to County Social Services. Each kit includes a blanket, a stuffed animal and a nightlight.

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