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5 ways to save money this summer

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1. Eat al fresco

Rather than using your stove and oven every day, get outside and fire up the grill. Hello, burgers and kabobs! Keeping the heat out of the kitchen can lower cooling costs.

2. Start a home garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only rewarding, it can help you save on your grocery bill. If you’re not interested in exercising your green thumb, save money by buying seasonal produce—it’s usually less expensive in season.

3. Plan a staycation

Find new and low-cost ways to explore your city with loved ones. Seek out museums with free admission, have a picnic at a local park and take a walking tour of historical or arts districts.

4. Brew at home

Spending $5 for a coffee shop latte adds up over time. Buy your favorite beans and experiment with making coffee creations from home. Cool off with an iced version (try coffee ice cubes). Make your own flavored creamers by combining milk, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract or cinnamon.

5. Replace air conditioner filters

Dirty filters cause your air conditioner to work harder, which makes cooling your home more expensive. Stay on top of regularly replacing your filters. Keep your unit clear of debris and branches.