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New brand looks to the future

Lisa Flannery presenting Thrivent's new logo in June 2020

A glimpse into Thrivent’s transformation plan.

As you page though this quarter’s issue of Thrivent Magazine, you may have noticed some changes. The redesigned logo, modern design elements and beautiful photography you’re seeing are all part of Thrivent’s new brand, which we began sharing publicly on June 1.

While these visual changes are exciting, there’s so much more that you can’t see on these pages. Thrivent is undergoing a transformation. We’re transforming to stay relevant for future generations of Christians. Our new brand is part of that. It’s how we’ll tell the world who we are.

Thrivent’s brand includes our new logo design, which honors our past and highlights what makes us special—our heart—while positioning us for the future.

Brand, however, is much more than a logo. It will encompass everything you see, hear and feel when you—and those new to Thrivent—interact with us. We are transforming the way we do business to ensure the experiences you have with Thrivent are better than ever before—from a redesigned website to new digital tools and streamlined processes that will make things easy for you.

Throughout these changes, some things will remain constant and continue to distinguish us. We are driven by a higher purpose—our belief that humanity thrives when people make the most of all they’ve been given from God. And our promise to help you achieve financial clarity, enabling you to live a life full of meaning and gratitude, will not waiver. We’ll continue to serve you as you make financial decisions guided by your faith.

In good times—and challenging times

When we first set out to modernize our brand, no one could have imagined that we all would be faced with a global pandemic and heartbreaking civil unrest. Considering everything our clients and communities are now enduring, we wondered—is this still a good time to initiate change? Do we move forward?

The answer was simple. Yes.

We’re well-positioned to help clients navigate these uncertain times. Through life’s ups and downs, we help people Thrive with Purpose. This focus is even more relevant given today’s environment. People are looking for help and hope.

History has shown us that we can grow stronger by facing times of adversity together. Throughout it all—in good times as well as times of great challenge—we’ll be here to help people achieve financial clarity, enabling lives full of meaning and gratitude. Perhaps more now than ever before.

Author Lisa Flanary is senior vice president and chief growth officer at Thrivent.