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What’s a healthy money habit you’ve formed in your life?

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We asked, you answered

We know that simple steps can help us create smart money habits that can stick. Hear what several Thrivent clients shared with Thrivent Magazine about the healthy financial habits they've incorporated into daily life to help them find financial clarity.

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I have all my credit cards set up on automatic payment. When they come due, they are paid in full.

Ronald Kangas, Harper Woods, Michigan

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My main money habit is being and living debt free. I have a goal to always live within my means.

Jonathan Bouse, Wabash, Indiana

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Save as much as possible and make sure you save the minimum for your company’s matching 401K funds.
Michael Widner, Northwood, Ohio
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We believe that 10% goes back to God’s work. When we were married in 1967, we started saving, got life insurance and never accumulated debt. During our retirement, we have adopted the habit of doing at least one good deed per day.

Richard and Ellen Smith, Manteno, Illinois

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Paying credit cards off every month.

Jennifer Iris, Beverly Hills, Florida

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I set a reminder in my phone for Jan. 1 to review my credit reports from the three credit reporting companies, assessing for any fraud.

Kaylin Matos, Rochester, Minnesota

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Don’t make hasty decisions.
Karen Rushatz, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
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Keep track of your expenses at a minimum of weekly while debt is higher. Monitor your checking for items that should not be there. Keep a written budget to ensure all expenses are covered monthly.

Sarah Schiermeister, Omaha, Nebraska

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Don't charge more than you can pay off in full on the next statement! Otherwise, you'll end up paying a lot of interest

Charlotte Trayer, Mountlake Terrace, Washington

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A healthy money habit I have formed is contributing to my 401(k) that my employers have matched. I have been able to build a good retirement.

Keith Rigby, Kamiah, Idaho

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