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Easter egg hunts with a twist

Little girl searching for Easter eggs in an Easter egg hunt

Put a creative spin on a traditional family activity this year

1. Bible verse egg hunt

Remind loved ones what Easter is all about by writing Bible verses onto little slips of paper and tucking them into the Easter eggs. Spend time together reading them and reflecting on their meaning.

2. ABC hunt

Perfect for little ones, including letters in Easter eggs can help kids practice the alphabet. Include one of each letter and have the kids line them up in order when they’ve found all 26.

3. Treasure hunt

Turn the eggs into a scavenger hunt where each egg contains a clue that leads you to the next. At the end of the hunt is an Easter basket with lots of goodies.

4. Reward hunt

Instead of only including candy in your eggs, slip in a few pieces of paper with rewards written on them. Rewards can be wide-ranging, from getting 15 extra minutes of playing before bedtime to skipping a chore.