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A fresh look at advice

Luke Winskowski, Thrivent’s senior vice president of Advice and Wealth Management

Thrivent’s senior vice president of Advice and Wealth Management, Luke Winskowski, shares his perspectives.

What is on my mind in 2022 is the term “breakthrough.” No, not the kind that we have all been hearing about over these past many months. But breakthrough like an emergence from a long hibernation into a world with a fresh set of eyes. During the last several months, many of us have recentered on what matters the most—our family, communities, faith and bigger purpose.

In my role at Thrivent, I have the privilege of working alongside our amazing financial advisors and their clients as they have conversations every day—conversations focused on a new chapter, a new perspective, discussing how clients can better align to their bigger purpose. Here at Thrivent, we call this work “Advice.”

But it is much more than that. For us, the role of a financial advisor is that of a guide, working alongside our clients to help them make the most of what they are given. These words carry even more meaning for us now, with concerns of health and welfare fresh on our minds.

I recall the great recession of 2008. The financial services industry was becoming more sophisticated and financial calculators were creating complex financial plans that projected a client’s trajectory into the future. A mentor of mine shared one of those significant learning moments and said, “Luke, remember—this financial plan is just one example of something that won’t happen.” His point was not to diminish the value of a good financial plan, but rather to emphasize that even the best plans are nothing more than a living and breathing activity to be created and reviewed, ideally with a financial advisor.

For us at Thrivent, we believe everyone deserves a financial plan, based on an individual’s unique needs, and centered around purpose to provide financial clarity rooted in financial advice with the help of a financial advisor.

Today, more than ever, as we find ourselves looking to an unknown future with hope and renewal—let’s look for that “breakthrough” as we lead lives of purpose and great meaning!