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Thrivent Magazine Fall 2020

Generosity in action - September 2020

Generosity in action

Thrivent clients make a difference in their communities.

The show must go on!

Olathe, Kansas

When social distancing orders put the “Under the Big Top” in-person event in jeopardy, volunteer director and Thrivent client with membership Katie Douglas got creative in a hurry to continue helping children.

She had planned to bring families together in a circus setting to share resources that help children 0 to 5 years old improve language, literacy, fine motor, gross motor, arts, crafts and sensory skills.

Instead, Douglas prepared circus-themed take-home activity packs with help of a Thrivent Action Team. She set up a drive-thru in a parking lot, wore gloves and dropped the educational packages inside the driver’s side window.

The packs included engaging videos she recorded with directions for the activities that were assembled. The videos also incorporated the circus theme by ending with a circus act. She even had her dog volunteer for the cause. He was dressed as “Bruno the Lion” and jumped through a fiery hoop. It was a big hit with the children!

Delivering gratitude

Plymouth, Minnesota

Thrivent client with membership Gayle Teskey led a Thrivent Action Team with her 5-year-old grandson, Mason, to support healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They picked up lunches from a family-owned restaurant and delivered them to front-line nurses working in the ICU, COVID-19 units at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul. Mason and his friends wrote special thank-you messages to thank them for their hard work!

Helping the homeless

Memphis, Tennessee

Peace Lutheran Church has a small congregation that makes a big difference in the community amid COVID-19 and the recent loss of their pastor to cancer. With a growing number of homeless people in the area, Thrivent client with membership David Sick formed a Thrivent Action Team of volunteers to prepare sack lunches and then hand them out to those in need.

Feeding San Diego

San Diego, California

Thrivent client with membership Stephen Boschen, pastor at Ocean View Church, led a Thrivent Action Team of more than 50 volunteers to help 10,000 people in need in one day at the church. The team, in partnership with Feeding San Diego, provided 21,000 pounds of food to people in 1,423 cars and an extra 280 individuals. The team helped package and distribute the food.

Wreaths for warriors

Colorado Springs, Colorado

In honor of Wounded Warriors Project’s annual 5K Carry Forward Run, Thrivent client with membership Jessica Benner organized a Thrivent Action Team of 15 people to help raise funds for the event. The team made patriotic wreaths to sell in their community and raised $615. Jessica spread the message to the team to volunteer more of their time, talents and love to those in need.

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