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5 ways to live more sustainably

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Many simple money-saving hacks are also eco-friendly

1. Don’t toss it, fix it

Take up basic sewing skills to fix holes in or sew buttons onto your clothes. Or even transform items you don’t wear anymore into a new garment. You also can look online for tutorials to fix or repurpose other items.

2. Lower your energy bill

Incorporating small changes like switching to LED or CFL lightbulbs, turning off devices at night, or opening your blinds to enjoy natural light instead of leaving your lights on, really add up. If the weather’s nice, hang your laundry outside to dry in the fresh air.

3. Do it yourself when you can

Whether it’s for cleaning, beauty or hygiene, many of the products you purchase can be made at home with simple ingredients that are free of plastic and harsh chemicals. Not to mention, it’s a good money-saver.

4. Buy less

Need another reason to be talked out of making that tempting purchase? Think of the environment. The more people buy, the more waste that ends up in landfills. If you need something or want to treat yourself (we all deserve it!), try looking at secondhand stores first to score a better deal.

5. Reduce food waste

Try to only buy the groceries you need. Embrace meal prepping and get creative with leftovers. Composting is also a great way to reduce waste.

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