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3 money talks to have in marriage

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Marriage is about two lives coming together. And with that big step, you'll want to make sure you're on the same page about many of your goals and values—including your financial ones.

Before and after you head to the altar, here are three main money conversation topics to keep your relationship in sync.

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'From Me to We' Money Talks Overview

1. Your childhood.

How were you raised to think about money? Did your parents discuss their bills, income and concerns with you? The level of financial transparency you saw growing up can make an impact on your priorities and attitudes toward money today. Be sure to level-set on those with your partner.

2. Numbers.

Where are you at with your accounts, credit scores and debt? Who are your beneficiaries? All of these are important topics to accurately represent your financial situations, so it's easier to bring them together.

3. Financial guidelines for the future.

While finances in marriage have no perfect formula or rules for success, setting up some guideposts for things like joint accounts and spending money can help you avoid financial stress and keep open communication around your finances going forward.

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