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Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

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About Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

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Q: Does Thrivent Financial for Lutherans serve only Lutherans?
A:Though the organization's membership is limited because of its fraternal bond, its outreach is not.

Many of Thrivent Financial's programs touch individuals of all faiths and backgrounds, and some financial products offered through the organization's subsidiaries – like mutual funds – are, by regulation, available to anyone.
Q: Must a Thrivent Financial member participate in volunteer activities?
A: No. Thrivent Financial members may be as active as they like in their local chapter. While Thrivent Financial for Lutherans chapters provide an enjoyable, rewarding opportunity for members to join together to meet individual and community needs, participation is entirely voluntary.
Q: What's the relationship between Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and the Lutheran church?
A:While Thrivent Financial is proud to support Lutheranism through its members and its benevolent efforts, it is not a church or part of any church . Members' individual actions while working on Thrivent Financial activities reflect their own faith and values. Individual church-body governance, doctrine, and practices are matters for church-body members and their leaders.

In some cases, Thrivent Financial may collaborate with other organizations to help Lutheran churches fulfill their missions. This support does not fund ongoing church expenses, such as paying the salaries of church workers.

Further, Thrivent Financial does not provide assistance that undermines stewardship efforts of churches or creates a church dependency on Thrivent Financial for Lutherans' funding. Assistance decisions are not influenced by theological distinctions between Lutheran church bodies.
Q: What does the name "Thrivent" mean?
A: Thrivent is a "neologism," or fabricated word, which means you won't find it in the dictionary. The name is derived from the term "thrive," which means to grow vigorously, flourish and prosper by good management. "Thrivent Financial for Lutherans" became the name of the organization following the merger of its predecessors. It represents a growing, dynamic, forward-thinking organization committed to helping Lutherans by nurturing their financial security and community connections.
Q: How can Thrivent Financial be both a "Fortune 500" company and a "not-for-profit" organization?
A: Each year, Fortune magazine ranks America's largest companies according to their annual revenue. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has ranked among the nation's 500 largest organizations based on this measure.1

That said, Thrivent Financial is a fraternal benefit society (not-for-profit membership organization). Its business operations fuel its charitable outreach. The organization's business success gives the organization a unique opportunity to promote member volunteerism, aid individuals and families in need, strengthen nonprofit organizations, and address critical community needs.

1 Fortune magazine, May 2011.

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Search Jobs at Thrivent Financial

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Q. Why can't I log into my profile?
A: If you created your profile prior to 10/5/2010, you will need to create a new profile as we implemented a new system. Note that if you applied to a job prior to this date, your information will be retained and you do not need to re-apply for the job.
Q. I want to search all openings in a specific state versus by city name.
A: This can be done by typing the name of the state in the Keyword field.
Q. Why do I not see any search results?
A: Previous search criteria are not cleared upon beginning a new search. Click the Clear button to start a new search.
Q. I have questions about a job or do not see an opening in my area.
A: Contact your local recruiter.
Q. I have questions or problems with the career center.
A: Call our HR Helpline at 800-847-4836, ext. 36414.

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Portfolio Tracker

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Q: What is new in Portfolio Tracker?
A: In addition to a new look, the following features have been added:
  • Views
    • "Quick Value" has been added to the list of options.
    • The "Classic" View has been upgraded to be a more robust quote detail display with a small chart for pricing reference.
  • Sorting Views
    • "Sort By" feature is now tailored to the "View" selected – decreasing the length of the selection list.
  • Saving Portfolio
    • Portfolio is automatically saved to your computer via a cookie – no need to push the "Save Display" button.
  • Delete/Edit Portfolio
    • While editing, there is less to fill out – saving time.
    • Transaction/ Trade price is fixed when establishing an entry, avoiding mistaken deletion.
    • Deleting an entry can be done from the Edit page by clicking on the "X" button.
    • Details of the transactions can be viewed by clicking the "+" button.
Q: How do I delete a transaction?
A: To delete a transaction, click the "Edit" button on the top left of the Portfolio page. Then click the "X" next to the transaction you want to delete
Q: How do I change the trade price?
A: Trade/Transaction price cannot be edited once created. To change the Trade/Transaction price, delete and enter new transaction to the portfolio

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