Empty Nesting & Approaching Retirement

Birthday parties. Music lessons. Doctor visits. College tuition. Let's face it, raising kids is expensive!

But eventually your little ones will fly the coop and your life as an empty nester will begin. This may bring lifestyle adjustments and changes to your priorities, especially financial ones.

With your kids on their own and your retirement approaching or just begun, it's time to align your financial strategies – and we can help.

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Refocus during this new phase of life

As your kids grow and move on, your plans and goals for the future change, too. Now that you've transitioned into a life of empty nesting, it's important to review your financial situation. Thrivent Financial can help guide you as you plan for the next steps in your life.

70% of empty nesters remodel child’s room and 80% plan vacations

Focus on saving, not spending

With more free time and fewer expenses, you may feel the urge to splurge. But be careful with your newfound financial "freedom." Too much spending could compromise your retirement. Instead, keep your spending in check and consider using the extra money to increase your retirement savings. Use this time to catch up on savings you may not have been able to do when you were busy raising your children.

  • Maximize your retirement contributions.
  • Supplement 401(k) or pensions savings.
  • Fund an IRA with investments and annuities.
  • Start making catch-up contributions once you're 50.

Overcome empty-nest syndrome by living generously

Adjusting to an empty nest can be an awkward and emotional transition, leaving many to experience what's called empty nest syndrome. But don't let an empty nest leave you with an empty feeling. Instead, think of it as chance to share your time and talents with others through volunteer opportunities. Getting involved in your community can help you focus on the positive aspects of this oftentimes bittersweet life event.

  • Lead a Thrivent Action Team or participate in Thrivent Builds.
  • Meet new people and rekindle old friendships.
  • Support causes you care about.