Disability or Illness

Think about your lifestyle – where you live, how you spend your time, the causes you support.

What would happen if you were too hurt or sick to work? And how would a costly medical treatment or extended care for a disability or illness affect your finances and your family?

We can help you create a plan to protect your income so you'll be financially ready for whatever comes your way.

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Preparation Now, Protection Later

None of us know what life will bring, but taking steps now to protect your financial security is what being wise with money is all about.

Older Adults Living With Disabilities Projection Infographic

File a disability income or long-term care insurance claim

If you or your loved one become sick or disabled and have disability income or long-term care insurance coverage through Thrivent, you'll want to begin the claims process.

  • Notify your Thrivent Financial representative or call 800-847-4836.

Protect your income

If you're ill or injured and can't work, how will you pay for your mortgage or rent, car payments, groceries and other necessities? Disability income insurance can help pay your bills if you're too sick or hurt to earn a paycheck. Even if you already get disability income insurance through your employer, you may want to supplement that coverage so more of your expenses are covered. You can even apply for coverage for a stay-at-home spouse.

  • Help replace income you may lose due to sickness or injury.
  • Lessen the impact on your savings when you can't work.

Member's Voice

"I don't have to worry about this part of my life for a while. I can focus on myself."*