Planning for Retirement

You've spent a lifetime working hard and helping others. But when you retire, will you have enough to live the lifestyle you want?

Let Thrivent Financial help you navigate your retirement income fund options and create a plan for the next stage of your life.

We'll guide you toward making smart financial choices now, so you can feel more confident about the retirement you want to live later.

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Maximize your Social Security benefit

Knowing when to take Social Security is key to making the most of your benefits. Thinking through a few things, like your life span, health and other assets, can help you decide.

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Adjust your financial plan as life changes

With retirement approaching and your kids growing up and moving on, your financial situation may change. We can help you adjust to becoming an empty nester so you can stay on track for retirement.

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Calculate potential income from an IRA

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can be great savings tools for retirement. Both traditional and Roth IRAs have tax advantages, but a Roth IRA may offer tax-free withdrawals. Use our Roth IRA calculator as a helpful tool to see how much you could save.

It takes a strategy

To help you make the most of your money over a lifetime, Thrivent's products work together as a whole to help address financial risks you may face in retirement. Risks like inflation, market volatility and running out of money. With our guidance, create a retirement strategy that works for you.

Take your retirement IncomeMatch® assessment now

Build a confident retirement

Ensure you're on track for the retirement lifestyle you envision by taking the IncomeMatch® assessment – a simple, 10-question fact finder. Your personalized results can help give you a starting point to develop a tailored retirement income strategy.

Convert your savings into a steady stream of income

As you work toward saving for your retirement, you may want to consider adding an annuity as part of your overall strategy. They're designed to help you save money for retirement as well as provide you with income while you're living in retirement. Annuities give you the power to decide when and how to take withdrawals.

  • Receive income when and how you need it.
  • May pay a death benefit to the designated people and causes you care about.

Invest for the long-term

Mutual funds may help you meet a variety of retirement goals and needs. They let you spread your assets across various investment choices, which are managed by investment professionals. They also offer liquidity, which means you can access your assets when you need to. Fees may apply.

  • Enjoy simple and flexible investment options.
  • Diversify your portfolio among a mix of stocks and bonds.

Take your portfolio to a more sophisticated level

You probably don't have the time to become a market master. But you can still be a sophisticated investor with guidance from Thrivent's seasoned financial professionals. Our managed accounts give you professional management, ongoing investment advice and support as you build your portfolio.

  • Receive professional guidance.
  • Enjoy personalized service.
  • Invest in a variety of fixed-income and equity-based securities.

Support the people & causes important to you

If you're like a lot of people, you want your legacy to live on after you're gone. Certain types of permanent life insurance can help make that happen. The death proceeds from a life insurance contract can support who and what matters to you.

  • Leave a lasting legacy for your family, church or others.
  • Provide a potential source of retirement income.

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