Leaving Your Legacy & Estate Planning

Having a strong estate plan in place can help ensure you leave a legacy for those you care about most.

Whether it's an inheritance for your children, an endowment for your alma mater or a donation to your church or favorite charity, we can help you plan your estate and build a legacy you'll be proud of.

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Ease the burden of settling your estate

Settling an estate can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially for your grieving loved ones. Having an estate settlement plan can help bring them some relief.

Consider a trust as an estate planning tool

Trusts are flexible legal tools that can help ensure your assets are managed wisely and distributed according to your wishes. A personal trust in your estate plan can help you pass your legacy on with confidence.

Develop a plan to leave your legacy

Having an up-to-date will is one of the most loving things you can do for your loved ones. Our will and estate planning guide (PDF) can help you start the estate planning process.

What does it mean to leave a legacy?

Leaving a legacy means sharing your blessings with others. It means passing down your time, talents and treasures to the people and causes you care about. We have options, ideas and resources to help you make their futures stronger, brighter and more secure.

Include life insurance in your estate plan

Having life insurance as part of your estate plan can help you provide for your family's needs after you're gone. It helps take care of expenses and other financial obligations so your family doesn't have to. And, you can even name a charity as the beneficiary of your policy. Use our life insurance calculator to determine how much coverage you may need.

  • Help protect your family's current lifestyle.
  • Cover certain debts, estate taxes and final expenses.

Prepare for estate transfer

Your estate is the total of all your assets. If you have people or causes you care about, you need an estate strategy. Planning ahead and involving legal and tax professionals will help you align your estate with what's most important to you. Learn more about estate settlement services from Thrivent Trust Company.

  • Ease financial burdens on your family.
  • Help protect your assets for your loved ones.

Create a charitable giving strategy

Live generously though planned giving is an intentional way to express your values. You don't need great wealth to support organizations that matter most to you. The first step to a meaningful legacy is creating a plan that matches your interests and circumstances. Learn more from the InFaith Community Foundation (Link opens in new window).

  • Give now or give later.
  • Provide immediate or long-term support to your favorite charities.

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"Take a long look at what you've done in your life, and decide which organizations or people would be helped most by your charitable giving."*