Coaching Session 3+ Tips


  • Participant stated focus for the session.
  • Discuss progress towards goal(s)
  • Explore their focus area(s). Use the C-O-A-CH approach
  • Agree on participant commitment for the next session

Helpful Hints

  • Be an active listener.
  • If you're listening to a long story from the participant and you're concerned about managing time, you may need to interrupt this process gently and encourage them to move ahead to the more recent "chapters". Often the content of a story is not as important as the way they felt about it, or how it has impacted them going forward.
  • Coaching is future focused. "It's what you do next that counts."
  • Ask questions for exploration and to further the conversation – remember there are suggestions in the training handouts that could be helpful to incorporate.
  • Feel like the conversation is getting off track? Here are some redirects:
    • "You've shared a lot about this event from the past. How does this affect you today?"
    • "Can you share how this relates to what you were sharing earlier?"
    • "You mentioned this … How does that relate to your goal?"
  • Are you tending toward advice or giving solutions? Remember the participant is resourceful and can find solutions. Help them explore possibilities, identify strengths and address barriers.
  • Some suggestions to help someone be accountable to themselves:
    • "How can I help you be successful with this?"
    • "Do you want some accountability around this?"
    • "What if you don't complete the to-do?"
  • A focused session may not last an entire hour. That's OK. You don't have to fill the hour.
  • Take minimal notes during your session. Following the session take several minutes to document your conversation. Take it out again a few hours later and add anything more that has occurred to you after some reflection.

Managing Time

  • 5 min. – Create connection, build relationship
  • 5 min. – Check in on action items and goals
  • 5 min. – Participant stated focus for the session
  • 30 min. – Explore their focus area(s). C-O-A-CH approach
  • 10 min. – Next steps – agreement/accountability
  • 5 min. – Confirm homework, Establish date/time/location for next session