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Innovation led by inclusion

By integrating diverse perspectives and experiences in our daily work, we can develop a more inclusive environment that sparks innovation and growth.
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Our commitment to diversity and equity
We believe our workforce should reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Our partnership with HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) helps recruit top talent for internships that lead to longer-term opportunities. Our Women’s Leadership Business Network field project offers insights into improving retention rates for field leaders and financial professionals. Differing perspectives and experiences must be elevated to create an authentic culture of inclusion.
Jagoda C
Customer Care Professional
Jagoda C.
“When I started my job as a Customer Care Professional, I was scared and unsure if I could do my job well and communicate effectively with clients—since English is my second language. My manager, mentor and teammates saw more in me than I saw in myself and helped me gain confidence. They value my input, honesty and sensitivity. I am included in discussion, training groups and upskilling. I feel seen—not only because my team is welcoming and open-minded, but because I can bring my authentic self to work every day.”
Kimberly H
Marketing Strategist
Kimberly H.
“I love the values Thrivent stands for and the core of the organization. Mostly, I love the team I work with and the genuine care they have for me at work, as well as at home. When my father passed away, the people I work with showed me a level of personal support that I could have never expected. That’s what makes Thrivent a special place and why I hope to retire from here.”

Supporting a workplace of belonging and empowerment

We’re engaging and supporting employee diversity through our Business Resource Networks. These employee-formed and -led communities of underrepresented groups can provide a sense of belonging within Thrivent.
BIPOC Leadership Network
Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Leadership Network strives to attract, retain and advance a workforce of color by creating a culture of inclusion while supporting the goals of Thrivent.

Pride Network
Pride Network increases LGBTQ+ cultural awareness and helps ensure that our policies for LGBTQ+ employees are best-in-class compared to industry peers.
Women's Leadership Network
Women’s Leadership Network inspires women to unleash their full potential by engaging them in a dialogue about issues uniquely impacting women and career advancement at Thrivent.
Young Professionals Network
Young Professionals Network provides a collaborative, diverse and innovative community that engages members in personal and professional development while supporting key business strategies.
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Engaging diverse populations and communities
We listen, learn and respond to the needs of neighborhoods across our country. That means building alliances and partnerships to make a greater impact in diverse markets and mobilizing our workforce, our clients and our country to make a positive impact in the lives of all people.
Thrivent promotes a culture of unconditional inclusivity, where diversity of identity and thought are paramount to our success. Bring your unique strengths, perspectives and voice to a career you’ll love.